Friday, September 23, 2011

How To Avoid Getting Your Adsense Account Terminated

Google, the undisputed leader in search engines, places a high importance on the quality and relevancy of its search results, especially now that the company is public property. To keep shareholders and users satisfied, Google is vigilant about penalizing wrong practices in Adsense and other forms of advertisements, whether intentional or unintentional. Engaging in such practices can result in severe penalties, including account termination, to deter wrongdoers from repeating such actions.

Adsence Account 

If you are considering a career in Adsense, it is crucial to think beyond just earning strategies and consider the following points before getting involved:

1. Hidden Texts: Avoid filling your advertisement page with texts too small to read, having the same color as the background, or using CSS to load them with rich keywords. This practice of hiding links can lead to penalties.

2. Page Cloaking: Refrain from using browser or bot sniffers to serve bots a different page than what human visitors will see. Misleading users to click on something they didn't intend to visit is not acceptable.

3. Multiple Submissions: Submitting multiple copies of your domain or pages is discouraged. Trying to submit an Adsense URL as two separate URLs can lead to trouble and potential termination. Check if your domain is already submitted to a search engine before attempting to resubmit.

4. Link Farms: Be cautious of the sites you link your Adsense to. Link farming, where you have an excessive number of outbound links on a single page, is frowned upon by search engines, especially Google.

5. Page Rank for Sale: Avoid selling or trading Page Rank (PR) links with other sites. This practice can result in a ban from search engines.

6. Doorways: Similar to cloaking, creating pages filled with choice keyword ads that redirect visitors to another "user-friendly" page is not favored by search engines and should be avoided.

7. Multiple Domains with Same Content: Having multiple domains with the same exact content, as well as duplicating content across separate pages and subdomains, may be detected by search engines and should be avoided.

It's important to note that many of these practices apply to most search engines, not just Google. Focus on building your Adsense and pages for human users rather than bots. By adopting this mindset, you can ensure a positive experience for both users and search engines, thereby safeguarding your Adsense and site account from potential termination.

In summary, adhering to ethical practices, prioritizing user experience, and creating quality content will not only protect your Adsense account but also improve your site's reputation and performance in search engines.

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